Both upcoming and independent artists have a common goal, which is to be and remain famous. This goal is the driving force that pushes them to create good music and be at the top of their game. 

However, when an artist wants to publish and introduce new music to their audience, there’s usually a long train of platforms to choose from. 

Among all the other music platforms, only one stands out to be incredibly beneficial to artists— SoundCloud! 

SoundCloud is one music-based social media network where artists can share their music and gather millions of fans. 

Originally, SoundCloud was just a platform where people can share their music, but now, it’s a platform where random artists can become famous.

So, if you’re looking to create a fan base or build a community of people that love your music, then SoundCloud is that one platform. 

It’s a great platform to get likes and comments from fans, get statistics on your plays and even monetize your music.

It’s one thing to publish good music, but it’s another thing to make good music. If you want to portray yourself as an artist with great potential, you have to let your music speak for you. 

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Why should you use SoundCloud as an artist? Is SoundCloud the best platform? In this article, you’ll find answers to these questions as we’ll be exploring reasons to use SoundCloud.

  1. Playlists

If you’re having doubts about using SoundCloud, then here’s one reason why you shouldn’t hesitate. Whenever there’s a new release or you publish new songs, this platform enables users to compile a playlist of your songs. 

That is, users can have access to all your songs released on SoundCloud through the created playlist. They don’t have to go back and forth visiting your page whenever they want to listen to your songs. 

As part of the feature of this app, the playlist can be shared with others, say, family and friends. This way, your music is exposed to a larger fan base. It’s a great opportunity for other users of the app to have access to your music.

Also, you know it’s hard to create a playlist when you can only stream songs. Well, with SoundCloud, your songs can be downloaded and this for sure helps your fans to enjoy your music more.


A short comment like “Such a nice song” is the reason why many artists never give up. It motivates them to continually deliver nicer and better songs. 

And on the flip side, snide comments are a good motivation and an indicator that not only your fans pay attention to your songs.

Some artists are propelled by comments from their fans to do more. SoundCloud has made it possible for users to comment on your songs and give their reviews. Through their reviews and comments, you’d be more aware of the areas that you need to work on.

  1. Completely free

With this platform, you don’t have to invest a dime to reach out to your fans and people who love your music.

It’s free! You’re only required to pay if you want to use the premium features. And quite frankly, the premium version of this platform is only used by the big names in the industry that have a larger fan base.

As an upcoming and independent artist, everything you need to have an identity on the SoundCloud platform is free. With the basic features of the platform, you’re good to go!

  1. Social Platform

SoundCloud is like a social platform where you can interact with others. As an artist, you can ask your fans if they enjoy the songs and as a fan, you can rub minds together with other fans. 

The whole process is synonymous with how people engage with each other on social media platforms; where people react to pictures and videos. It’s the same way people react to songs, tracks, and albums on Soundcloud. 

  1. Music download and offline listening 

With SoundCloud, users can access your music both online and offline. Users can download songs from the platform and save them for later listening. Although, users can’t download all songs except the uploader grants access.

Downloading music is a great alternative for when you’re out of network coverage or Wi-Fi and you can’t stream your favourite song. With the offline feature, you can easily listen to the songs you have saved. 

Users can’t ask for anything better than easing their stress and making it easy to access their favourite songs.

As an artist, give your fans the privilege to download your songs and also listen to them offline. 

More so, users can download songs using SoundCloud downloader. It facilitates the downloading process and saves it directly on your phone.

  1. Platform for Musicians

Contrary to the misconception that people have about SoundCloud that it’s a platform for Indies, Soundcloud is a platform for musicians. In the sense that there are professional musicians on the platform that lookout for fresh talents.

This platform is one where musicians from all over the world upload their music. So, don’t be surprised when a professional artist picks interest in your song through the platform.

  1. Smartphone apps are available 

SoundCloud is no longer exclusive to the web app alone. The platform can now be easily accessed by iPhone and Android users. Although the smartphone apps withhold some features like commenting on songs, you can still enjoy your music and keep track of your favourite artists.

On a final note;

You’re missing out if you’re not maximizing the benefits of SoundCloud. With over 270 million users, your music can reach a larger audience and your chances of being discovered and being famous is high.

It’s quite easy to create an account on Soundcloud. Either as an artist or a listener, SoundCloud is the best platform for your music experience. Get your track live on Soundcloud – record it at Site Seventy9 the best recording studio.