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Calling all Podcasters, Musicians and DJs…
Site Seventy9 Studios is for YOU!

We help you perfect your sound with professional recording, streaming and rehearsal facilities in Carlisle.

Why Choose Site Seventy9 Studios?

I have first-hand experience in performing, recording including the hours of practice that go into getting the right sound, the right lyrics and singing live.

I want to bring that experience, education and skill to make YOUR sound the best it can be

Do you want to elevate your sound to pro level? My studio is right here in Carlisle and I am ready to help.

I set up Site Seventy9 Studios to accommodate the requirements for traditional music and audio recording whilst looking to the future of internet formats and live performing.

There’s new and exciting opportunities to reach large, worldwide audiences online. For artists, it’s a huge growth area and one for both new and established artists to exploit. We have a brand new facility to expertly produce your music.

The changes in the industry include:

  • New Tech – Never Seen Before Audio Technology.
  • Changing Audience Habits – The huge move to consuming media online and on demand.
  • New Platforms – Streaming Platforms For Live And Recorded Media.
  • More demand – Huge Growth In Markets For Audio.

I will guide you to the right solution for your requirements

There is a diminishing reliance on traditional media with the rise of internet formats such as podcasting, and streaming platforms.

We help bands, businesses and individuals capitalise on the opportunities professional audio presents.

Who Do We Help?

The following groups of people are going to be most interested in what we do:

  • Artists – Bands to DJ’s accommodating practice, recording and streaming all under one roof.
  • Podcasters – Professional quality sound with a dedicated room for your guests.
  • Narrators – Record your audio book in comfortable surroundings

In short it’s fair to say recording can be a minefield – it’s certainly easy to waste time and not get a perfect result without specialist advice

I draw upon my experience which includes live performances, song writing, owning a record label and live streaming to give you the ultimate audio toolkit here in Carlisle – Are you ready?

Record Your Sound

Whether you are looking to record we have the rooms, expertise and equipment to accommodate you

Practice Your Music

Are looking to practice have the rooms to accommodate DJ’s, Bands & Singers

Plan and practice the perfect set, get ready to perform better than ever before!

Get together with band in our Rehearsal Space or practice your vocals/instruments at our studio

Play Your Music

Whether you are looking to play to an audience or stream we have the rooms to accommodate you

Learn Music

Are looking to practice your instrument or learn.