As an independent artist, there’s only so much your melodious voice and meaningful lyrics can do for you. If you think that’s all you need to reach a wider audience and become famous, then it’s time to snap out of your fantasy. 

There are indeed many obstacles and hurdles that independent musicians face, especially at the start of their careers. Some of these challenges include creating music, then doing the marketing aspect all by themselves. 

Though hard work is still guaranteed, there are now digital services that can get your music to the right audience. 

Spotify is the one effective digital platform that can help you market your songs. Spotify simplifies the marketing process. 

It exposes your music to a massive audience and you can never tell, you could be the next household name. Then, you can get all the fame you’ve ever wanted.

Now, if you hope to gather fans and people that love your songs, you should feed them good music, right? You know, they say, “music is the food of the soul”. 

Are you worried because you don’t have any studio where you can record your songs? Or are you concerned about the exorbitant fees for a studio session? 

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They offer the best services with the best equipment and also at affordable prices. Working with them allows you to create good music as you’ve always wanted.

As an artist, what can Spotify do for you? You can use Spotify to enhance your profile and show your originality. You can also get information that guides your steps and helps you make better decisions, especially with marketing.

Below you’ll find some of the benefits of Spotify for artists:

  1. In-depth Analytics 

To satisfy your audience better, you should know them first. It makes sense that you want to deliver beautiful songs to your audience, but delivering them to the wrong audience defeats that purpose. But with Spotify, you can know exactly who your audience is.

With Spotify, you can detect if your listeners are increasing or they’re decreasing. Yes! With Spotify, you can track these too.

Also, you can get more information about your listener’s demographics with Spotify. You can get information about their age, gender and even the countries they live in. With this information, you’ll know what your listeners want to hear, and what content would appeal more to them.

Having an idea of where most of your audience is can help you choose new locations for your concerts.

  1. More Streams and Followers Can Catapult Your Work to Top Charts

When you use Spotify, you get a chance to improve your streams and get enough plays and organic followers.

By using Spotify, getting enough plays, and getting quality and organic followers show that you’re progressing. 

This signifies that when there’s an increase in your followers and the number of plays you have, your audience likes your song. 

The total number of followers and the number of plays you have can contribute to getting you noticed by popular record labels and artists. When you get noticed by popular artists and labels, it increases your position on the charts.

  1. Recognition of Your Work Through Curated Playlists

Spotify gives you the advantage to create curated playlists. You can not achieve the fame you want without getting enough plays on Spotify. Sometimes, some artists buy plays, and some just wait for natural plays. While this may seem like an ordinary feat, it contributes to making you famous. 

To get your desired attention you need to be consistent in making good music; your followers will appreciate your music more when they see the creativity and originality in it.

Making a curated playlist gives your audience the satisfaction of listening to all their favorite songs at a time. Eventually, you start to reach more audiences worldwide.

  1. Subscribe to The Flash List

The more plays and followers you have can get you verified. When you’re verified on Spotify, you can expand your fan base and increase your followers. 

Getting verified makes you become an influencer on Spotify. If as an independent artist, you get verified and become an influencer, you’re one step closer to linking up with the big names in the industry.

However, it’s not an easy task for an independent artist to get verified on Spotify. You need to be more hardworking and consistent in making good music. Make good music first, it’ll naturally track followers which will increase eventually.

  1. More Followers, More Influence

The more followers you get on Spotify, the larger your fan base becomes. More people start to wait for your release of a new song or album. And when you get to a certain level, your followers start to help you promote your music on their own. That’s after you must have achieved a certain level of influence over them. 

The higher your statistics rise, the higher your influence over your followers. The key to this is making good music that your followers have no choice but to listen to. 

That’s why you must record your songs in the best recording studio. Because in the long run, good music increases your influence and makes you more popular on Spotify.

  1. Opportunity for Experimenting

On Spotify, you have the opportunity to perform experiments on different styles of songs. Once you have an established fan base, you can create a new style of music and get their reactions. 

That’s why it’s better to have organic followers because they love your mud for what it is and are ready to welcome an improvement or a change for the better.

You can test other genres of music, show your creativity and feed your audience with a different style. If you find that your followers love your work, then you can improve on these experiments and make them more realistic.

On a final note;

If you’re looking to get recognized and appreciated for your music, Spotify is the best digital platform to start. Following the rules, updating your profile, and getting verified can increase your position on the chart and get you noticed by other artists and labels.

More importantly, making good music is key to satisfying your audience and getting the fame you want. Employing the service of the best recording studio will be your best bet.