Welcome To Our Professional Recording Studio In Carlisle

You’ve wanted to record your music professionally—you want the best Carlisle studio. Introducing… Site Seventy9 Recording Studio!

With our modern, state-of-the-art design, we will have your songs recorded with professional sound quality at a fraction of the cost! Don’t hesitate and come talk to us today for more information or an appointment.

Professional Recording Studio In Carlisle

Modern Equipment For Everybody

Complete and modern facilities for you no matter what stage you are in your career. Beginners, once you've tuned up your instruments and warmed up your voices - we will develop your tone and capture quality sound.

Only The Best Sounds For You

We'll provide you an overall better experience with improved audio quality for your projects and excellent customer experience. Players do you want to record your Fender guitar? We've got the team and we record what the pickups capture. Singers - we get your unique tones using the best hardware.

Focus More With Fewer Distractions

A private and quiet environment where you can work on your project. Simply play and record your instrument or sing your heart out like rock stars. "Add the strings and go to the bridge" - we'll create this track just the way you want it.

Good Acoustics & Aesthetics

We've got a presentable and well-equipped studio with the latest music gear for impressive audio recording. We've more features, experience and advice to help you with your recording goals. We'll remove all the guesswork and make this an enjoyable process!

Don’t Waste Time & Effort On Substandard Recording Elsewhere

Are you are music lover? It might be tempting to attempt to record your tracks yourself, but in reality without the right studio environment and producer the results will be below par. Whether you are on the path to become one of the biggest names or you’ve been doing this a long time — it all starts with recording, mixing and mastering.

Avoid Poor Sound Quality

Listen up music makers - our knowledge of how to use our brand-new recording equipment ensures you get the best sound with confidence. We have many 5 star reviews because we are trusted by top local artists. Do you feel like it's time to give us a call?

Don’t Leave In The Bad Bits

We improve and enhance what’s there and cut out what’s right. There’s such a thing as sound that is too raw, that’s where we come in like a knight in shining armour. Don't worry about the playability of your tracks! You value your audio style - we make sure you don't put your neck on the line.

With The Wrong Levels Your Track Won’t Sound Right

Our expertise of how to use our brand-new recording equipment ensures you get the best sound - the same cannot be said for all recording studios.

There’s Such A Thing As Too Cheap!

Inferior equipment, difficult to access studios, cold and damp environments, or trying to do everything yourself. Avoid poor acoustics and technology induced headaches with a new professional music studio here in Carlisle. You'll find our prices reasonable, we don't charge over the top rates.

We Offer High Quality
Studio Hire for a Reasonable Price

With the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced engineers who know how to use them. Our full service fits together perfectly, we create great sounding recordings that will make your fans go wild. And since we have everything under one roof, there’s no need to drive around town looking for different studios — just come here and get your recording sessions done! Let’s turn the master volume up!

Our Sound Engineers Know What They Are Doing

Adam Teasdale uses his experience of recording for his own label, songwriting, recording and playing in bands and countless hours producing for others… Add to that industry qualifications, and you’ve got a great recording studio. Located in Carlisle we offer high quality expert engineers for your recording!

We Use The Latest Recording Equipment

Say goodbye to poor quality sound and frustrating audio engineering issues. We are ready and waiting to squeeze every last drop from our equipment to get you the best sound using our music production suite.

Easy Access To Our Recording Studio In Carlisle

Wouldn’t it be nice to park your vehicle in a space right outside the building? No more trekking with expensive and heavy equipment. It’s a great place for people - it's easy an easy in and out service, which is much more practical than many others out there.

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Why Site Seventy 9 Studios?

We know that you want to be artist. In order to do that, you need professional sounding recording and production. The problem is poor quality facilities and inexperienced sound engineers, which make you feel that you might not get a good result from your recording experience. That’s where we come in, we solve this problem for you and do it at very reasonable rates. Maybe the track you record at Site Seventy9 Studios (the best of Carlisle recording studios) will lead to more live performances, you could be plugged into the PA at your next gig before you know it.

We believe your music will reach the quality levels it deserves.

We understand the hard work and professionalism that’s needed and that’s why we practised for years, and spent so much time working hard for qualifications and improved skills levels. We believe this the reason why our studio in Carlisle, Cumbria is an excellent choice. Thanks for looking at our page, we’d love for you to tell us about your project. You can phone us, email us on our contact page or use the button below to make a booking.